The Republic Of Ireland And The United Kingdom

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The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom
An Analysis of Governments, Politics, and Society in the Region

Conall P. MacKenzie
FP230 Short Paper
LCDR Rachael Gosnell
Western Europe has grown exponentially since the colonial period, and the emergence of the Republic of Ireland and a unified United Kingdom has clearly shown that Europe’s boarders are constantly changing. Each nation has evolved in its own ways over the course of its existence, but both show many similarities that are highly visible in governing styles, political parties, and the societies themselves. These differences are what separate the two states from one another. Since Ireland received independence from Great Britain in 1922, its governmental processes and political parties have changed entirely from what they were before, thus causing a massive shift of the public view of Ireland, and the United Kingdom from the early 20th century to present day. Now, it is readily apparent that even though they are incredibly different countries both are successful and in no worry of becoming a failed state. However, there are dissimilarities between the governing styles as well as the types of party platforms in each region that have aided their successes. Ireland was not always its own country. For a long period, it fell under the jurisdiction of Great Britain. Throughout the early 20th century, Ireland looked to secede from Great Britain, leading to its eventual success in the act by
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