The Republic Of Kenya, An African Country

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The Republic of Kenya, an East African country that lies on the equator within the Indian Ocean to its south-east, has a total land area of 581,000 square kilometers and a total water covered area of 11,000 square kilometers. Kenya is one of the most culturally rich countries with a blend of different ethnic groups and cultures in Africa. There are at least 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya today. In terms of religion, Christianity is the most populated in Kenya with about 82.5% of the Kenyan people are Christians, not limiting Protestants and Catholics (Major Problems). Kenya and their neighbors are blessed with the abundance of natural resources. These include limestones, salt, abundance of wildlife, hydropower and more. In terms of education, Kenya continues to have the highest literacy rate on the whole continent. However, despite all the perks that Kenya upholds, they face the issues of having incompetent leadership and poor governance. Dealing with these issues Kenya is struggling to handle economic growth, both natural and man created problems (Stanford). Choosing the issue was enriching with knowledge and gives me the opportunity to explain all of the issues under one accord. The purpose to explain the issues of Kenya and how they are corrupt was well needed to be addressed because the people of Kenya should not take corruption as “normal” and treat it like it is a part of everyday life. Specific topics have to be introduced or reviewed to fully understand the
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