The Republic Of Rome

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In modern times our world has been impacted greatly by our government system. In the ancient world most were mainly affected by their form of government because it was depended on as the structure and the way of life. When Roman Republic had risen, they had torn the old ways from the people and fabricated a new way through new leadership. The Republic of Rome, mostly the Patricians and Plebeians, influenced Rome through its senate, relationships, and laws.
Initially, when looking back at the Roman Republic there are a plethora of elements to observe that made it up. The main thing that the Republic had since it has risen was its senate. The senate played a vital role in the political dimension of the Republic itself as one whole. Made up of roughly around three-hundred men, they had adjusted the Roman society to fit the needs it had to have to stay afloat. Senators had taken on jobs specifically preparing legislation, handling finances, managing foreign relations, and supervising the state religion (Lassieur 15). This all tied together in what led to orderly conduct and harmony. SPQR:Senatus Populusque Romanus, better known as the senate and people of Rome, have been found on Roman carvings (Chandler, Taplin, Bingham 21). Just this piece of evidence shows that they really did play an important part in the Republic. All of the senators came from being a magistrate elected by the 4 assemblies (Lassieur 15-17). The four assemblies; Canitia Centuriata, Concilium Plebis, Comitia…

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