The Republic Of Rutnostica 's Struggle For Freedom

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The Republic of Rutnostica is a federal constitutional republic with a robust parliamentary system of government. It is a developing country with a population of 7 billion and is diverse in its culture and languages. Rutnostica has seen a long drawn history of colonial rule, spanning over two centuries, having attained freedom in 1947. The freedom movement was characterized by bloodshed and partition, making it a monumental event in the history of Rutnostica’s struggle for freedom. Murarka Memom was the face of the independence movement and had fought for several years for freedom from colonial domination. Memom advocated principles of non-violence and civil disobedience, not only usurping foreign power but inspiring freedom movements across the world. He was seen as an international symbol for peace and renaissance. The respect garnered by Memom led to the nation affixing the honorific of ‘Parmatma’ – the supreme soul. 2. Parmatma Memom, as he came to be known, passed away soon after freeing Rutnostica from the clutches of colonial power. However, he was seen as the figurehead of Rutnostica and had attained the stature of the leader of the nation. The Central Bank of Rutnostica issued currency notes with the portrait of the Parmatma and roads and buildings were christened with his name. 3. With the economy being liberalized in the early nineties, Rutnostica had witnessed a surge in investment, consumerism and market activity. The Parmatma as a brand began featuring on a

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