The Republic Of Rwand A Nation Of Middle East Africa

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The Republic of Rwanda is a sovereign nation in Middle East Africa that is filled with a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Kingship in Rwanda started well before Germany’s colonization in 1897. The indigenous state was governed through a central monarchy, and relied heavily on the kings’ predecessors of one of the three royal dynasties and spiritual protection from havoc and misfortune. The king, also, ruled alongside the “Queen Mother”, who served an important role in carrying out executive orders. The kings’ descendants were referred to as Tutsi; and people of non-royal descent were called Hutu. Rwandan rulers carried out multiple military conquests throughout middle-east Africa that overpowered different kingdoms and chiefdoms. Kings frequently married women from strategically important provinces and intermarried both their son’s and daughter’s to the children of the conquered allied powers. This, in return, created diversification within the kingdoms. The political and social hierarchy in pre-colonial Rwanda was highly stratified. Each village had their own royal cattle chief, local non-royal land chief, and a court appointed military leader, who was from one of the three ethnic groups that dominated Rwanda. This organization created order and flexibility amongst the citizens. If anyone was unpleased by the ruling of their chiefs, people were free to leave and join another patron in the surrounding area. It was not until European colonialists and many…
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