The Republican Incumbent Senator Patrick Toomey Of Pennsylvania

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The Republican incumbent Senator Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania was placed in a difficult position throughout his Senatorial campaign. With an unstable, hectic presidential campaign in progress, the citizens of Pennsylvania were curious as to whether the two senatorial candidates were in support or opposed to their party’s respective presidential candidates. While Katie McGinty, the democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate, clearly endorsed Hillary Clinton, Toomey refrained from expressing clear support for Donald Trump. Although McGinty attacked Toomey’s lack of decisiveness and called him weak, Toomey took this stance strategically. Toomey resulted in winning the Pennsylvania Senatorial election through his status as an incumbent, and his strategic decision to refrain from fully endorsing Donald Trump. Looking into the background of these two candidates, there is no doubt that both were well qualified for the job. Although Katie McGinty has never held public office before, she has had numerous experiences working with the government, being asked to serve as Bill Clinton’s deputy assistant and then as chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (Ballotpedia). She then served as an adviser to the presidential campaign of Al Gore in 2000, and became the head of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in 2003 (Ballotpedia). Toomey, unlike McGinty, is a well experienced politician. Prior to serving as the Pennsylvania Senator from

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