The Republican Party And The Democratic Party Essay

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The Republican Party has long relied on the support of older, white, conservatives. Regrettably, they are a shrinking portion of the voting population. The problem that they face is a shrinking voter base, mainly due to age. As their electorate shrinks, it is imperative for the party to appeal to the more liberal younger generations for support. The Republican Party needs to look forward to true reform. Above all, the party needs to abandon much of their social conservatism to appeal to millennials ' interests to stay relevant on the national political scene.
David Frum offers four potential solutions for where the Republican party can go from here. He himself believes that the first two considerations of doubling down on elite-backed candidates or “tactical concession” on immigration are unhelpful and too narrow respectively. Therefore, his most confident considerations are in his third and fourth options. His fourth choice to keep the Republican party relevant is, in his words, to “change the rules of the game.” (Frum 2016) Parties are in favor of processes that help advance their (or limit the other party’s) political and ideological goals. Frum recognizes that outside of the presidential election, Republicans have done quite well on down ballot elections. For this reason, they have the ability to exert considerably more control over voting and election processes than Democrats. For example, having the ability to gerrymander as well as change voter registration rules
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