The Republican Party And Wendy Davis For The Democrat Party

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One of the biggest Governor races in Texas history, the race was between Attorney General, Greg Abbot and State Senator, Wendy Davis, Greg Abbot for the Republican Party and Wendy Davis for the Democrat Party. Both candidates have a lot to offer to the state of Texas, and it was a very nasty battle with many campaign segments bringing the opponent down, or trying to at least. Attorney General Greg Abbott will take the win and become the Texas Governor, winning by twenty-one points. His victory against Wendy Davis was worse than any Democrat has suffered since George W. Bush’s race against Garry Mauro in 1998 (Heinz). Abbott’s victory speech is very well said, and personable. He mentions his injury, his education plan, and securing the border, while reminding everyone that Texas is the best State there is. Greg Abbott was very thankful in his victory speech. At the beginning of his speech, he mentioned that Senator Davis did call him and congratulated him. By Abbott mentioning this, it shows that no matter what the other opponent does to campaign against you, or how sad the losing candidate is, they both can put it aside, and take a moment to congratulate and wish the best of luck to the new Governor. Abbott made it very clear that by voting for him, not voting for him, or not voting at all that he will still unite us as a state. In the beginning of his victory speech, he states that the needs of Texas “are bigger than any political party” (Hoppe). By doing so, he is giving…
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