The Republican Party Or Grand Old Party

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The Origin, The Change, The Present

The Republican party or Grand Old Party (GOP), for over 150 years, has maintained itself as a major political party within the United States of America. As a whole, the republican party follows the belief of military build up ,less taxes, and more importantly, a limited government. However, throughout recent years there has been an influx of conservative values being spread throughout the GOP. These values include harsh stances against: homosexuality, immigration, and abortion. This recent “conservative trend” has caused many to see the party as out of date. Ironically, it has not always been like this, as the party was once what would be defined as “liberal”. These liberal views included support of “conservatism” and universal health care( So, what happened? In short, the conservative influx in the 1950s would lead to this drastic change of views, which would lead us to today 's far right republican party. In order to-

The Origins Of the Republican Party

The GOP would begin in the early 1850’s as an Antislavery party in do part to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 . Within this act entailed whether or not slavery could be permitted on nebraska land by “settlers and entrepreneurs” who wanted to relocate there .

This in turn “allowed each territory to decide the issue of slavery on the basis of popular sovereignty”.Strong opposition for this
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