The Reputation Of Oroonoko

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Once reading Oroonoko’s epic story many readers will take note of his fame that the narrator gives Oroonoko by describing his appearance, perseverance, and broadcasting his “glorious name” Ceaser. However underneath all the glitter is a story of a narrator who is keen on protecting her reputation in the eyes of dominant race. The narrator having relations with Oroonoko puts her reputation in jeopardy because it leads the public to question whether if she was for radical ideas or if she stayed true to conservative ideas. The narrator redeems herself by distancing herself from Oroonoko and also by agreeing with the Europeans belief system. Before the narrator divulges into Oroonoko’s story, she asserts that she is just an “eye-witness to a significant part of what you will find here” (4) and that she received the information from “the mouth of the chief actor.” The narrator starting off with this claim exhibits that she is just a bystander someone who is watching the actions take place not someone who followed along with the actions, thus saving her reputation in the eyes of the public.…show more content…
The narrator calling him Ceaser is her way of complying with the collective European beliefs that was centered around slaves, which is that if the master gives the slave a name the people must refer to him as such. Furthermore, the narrator not acknowledging his real name adds to her being a non-participant in his life just like the others because she only sees him as
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