The Requiem For A Dream Essay

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Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream details the lives of four individuals and how they each deal with their problems by attempting to escape reality. The four main characters depicted in the movie are Harry, Marion, Tyrone, and Sara. Harry is the main protagonist, and the film shows his progression into isolation as he sacrifices his relationships with his mother (Sara) and his girlfriend (Marion) due to his addiction and delusions. Each of the characters has their own individual struggles in their lives, but the film is interesting because they all attempt to escape into a world of their own delusions by using substances. The movie shows the audience a wide range of addiction and dependence through drug use, but it is not solely the use of drugs that fuels the character’s behavior. Use of legal and illicit substances is broadly shown within the film, and that is what stands out the most when viewing the film. However, the characters also have other ways of escaping their reality that sends them further down the path of destruction.
Harry, clearly has a problem from the start of the film. He is shown trying to steal his mother’s Television while Sara locks herself in a room obviously frightened. She has chained the television to the radiator and has the key to it, so it would be reasonable to say that Harry has done this before. Sara eventually gives Harry the key and allows him to take the television, even though the television is her way to escape from her reality.
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