The Requirements And Reason For The Establishment Of Goldenstate Manufacturers Essay

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QUESTION 1 1.1) a) Explain the purpose and reason for the establishment of Goldenstate Manufacturers. There are many purposes behind the establishment of the Goldenstate Manufacturers whether those purposes are economic or social. As we know that the company deals with the manufacturing of better quality textiles, therefore one of the purposes of the company is to provide the best quality products to the people. The company wants to grow economically day by day by providing the best service to the people. The company also provides the employment to the people. As the company is old enough so it also wants to maintain trust of the people towards the products of the company and fulfil the needs of clothing of the society. b) Identify three (3) other types of organizations and explain how their purpose and reason for establishment might differ from Goldenstate Manufacturers. ► Air New Zealand: Air New Zealand limited is the premiere airlines of New Zealand. It was established in 1965 and till now, it has been serving the people of New Zealand and other countries to travel across the country or overseas. It is very much different from Goldenstate manufacturers as New Zealand deals with the transport systems and provides service to people in travelling from one place to another whereas Goldenstate Manufacturers provide the people with garments and textiles. ► Foodstuffs: The Foodstuffs (NZ) limited is the organization in New Zealand which deals with the grocery retailers and
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