The Requirements For Starting A Corporation

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The requirements for starting a corporation in the United States.

In the united states, starting a corporation is not too hard, but it has some steps to it. A Corporation is a legal separate and distinct entity from its owner. "A corporation is created (incorporated) by a group of shareholders who have ownership of the corporation, represented by their holding of common stock. Shareholders elect a board of directors (generally receiving one vote per share) who appoint and oversee management of the corporation. Although a corporation does not necessarily have to be for profit, the vast majority of corporations are setup with the goal of providing a return for its shareholders. When you purchase stock you are becoming part owner in a corporation."(

A corporation the USA must be formed in compliance with corporate law, which is a state law. Most corporations incorporate
where their principal place of business is located, but not all do, for example, Delaware chancery(A court with jurisdiction to decide cases based on equity as well as law) has a reputation for fairly and quickly applying a very well-developed body of corporate law in the state of Delaware, that 's why lots of companies chose to corporate in the state of Delaware even though they have no business presence there.
To start a corporation, the corporate founders must file the articles of incorporation with the state agency charged with managing business entities.These articles might vary from

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