The Requirements Of English 111 Essay

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English 111 is typically the first course of English that a new college student is required to take. The objectives of English 111 are for the students to develop adequate writing skills among a variety of genres. The genres written about include a narrative, analysis, argument, evaluative, business letter, memorandum, bibliography, and report. By the end of the course, students are expected to master thesis development, revision, and writing as a recursive process. Along with learning a variety of writing strategies, students benefitted the most during the final unit of research and inquiry. Objectives of the research and inquiry unit were to develop the skills to recognize quality sources, cite them correctly using the MLA format, and for students to develop the act of presenting found information. English 111 is a valuable class for students since it is highly filled with pertinent information.
A narrative essay “describes events that people want to share with readers”. Some events may include a traumatic event, a life-lesson learned, or a triumph, the options are limitless. A narrative must have a beginning, middle, and end to reach the reader and not confuse them. Metaphors and other parts of speech are often used to allow the reader to get an accurate understanding of what the author is trying to pursue. The objective of a narrative is to tell one story with a purpose, not a list of stories to connect to the main story, or else the reader will be confused

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