The Requirements That Police Hiring Agencies Have For Potential

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The requirements that police hiring agencies have for potential candidates is to basically further their education to allow them to be better officers serving the communities and to limit the liabilities that comes with unexperienced officer’s actions that may result in frivolous lawsuits. Advocating a college education was an effort then to provide would-be officers the background necessary to be a part of the prestigious, more technologically inclined police profession (Carte, 1973).Vollmer’s is one of the first that contributed into implementing the use of new technologies to aid the police in their work. The adoption of community policing model increased accountabilities of patrol officers, which led them to be better decision makers,…show more content…
Once considered for employment you than go through an intense training. This is done to determine if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for the job. There are a lot of police positions that offer college reimbursement to study criminal justice law. This is to entice the officer to get more educated when it comes to their position as a law enforcement officer. Police administrators are more concerned with factors such as keeping officers representing the communities they serve, or that instituting a minimum college requirement may be discriminatory against women and subgroups (Peak, 2013.)
An educated officer will be more satisfied with producing more arrests at a higher level than an uneducated officer who may not be satisfied with his or her work. However, young officers with high levels of education would have an arrogance to prove themselves and arrest at higher levels than older officers with lower levels of education. Even if it was found that higher levels of education were associated with higher rates of arrest. The outcome would be somewhat varied. When it comes to arrest searches, and seizures this can be a bit conflicting, because arrest warrants is a document signed by a magistrate which authorizes the police officer to arrest that person named in the warrant.

Just because, an officer detains a suspect it doesn’t mean that this is a legal
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