The Requirements That Sports And Outdoor Wear

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Question 1 (a) Analyse the requirements that sports and outdoor wear would have to meet in order to be effective if worn in NZ in a range of environments eg skiing in the Southern Alps during winter, tramping the Southern Alps in summer, running in summer/winter, as urban wear in cities. (8 marks) New Zealand is known to be the land of extremes. Extremes, not only in terms of travel and adventures but as well as the climate. Having one of the severest UV rays in the world, unpredictable weather conditions, and variable temperatures all over the country, New Zealand is truly a land of extremes. Therefore, clothing in New Zealand are required to withstand no matter what season, weather condition, and time of the year it is. New Zealand’s climate can only be described in one word: unpredictable. Though mostly it has cool to warm temperature, it has microclimates, which is a local atmospheric zone where the climate is different from the surrounding area, owing to its varied topography, and mountain ranges. It has rainfall which is evenly distributed throughout the year in most parts of the country but such is still dependent on the area’s topography as some land area are considered to have borderline oceanic climate or a climate that is intermediate between desert and humid. The country also experiences varied snow falls depending on its parts. Its higher altitude commonly receives ample snow fall while its sea level area receives unpredictable to rare snow fall moments. And
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