The Research And Development Industry Essay

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Recently in the research and development industry, there has been an increased push for qualified health researchers to share individual-level data of participants in their studies with fellow researchers (Bull, Roberts & Parker, 2015). The basis for the cultivation of this culture of sharing stems from the belief that multiple benefits can be reaped from practicing data sharing. These benefits include building a large international dataset and network to allow for cross-border collaborations to generate greater potential to address significant scientific queries, improving the transparency and reliability of research trials and preventing duplication of studies to avoid wastage of resources (Bull, Roberts & Parker, 2015; Bull et al., 2015). Different stakeholders in the health industry are eager to acquire such benefits, especially funders of research who are gradually making sharing of individual-level data in a study a compulsory condition for researchers who wish to secure funding (Bull, Roberts & Parker, 2015). With such a strong pressure for researchers to share participant data with other colleagues, there is an urgent need to review possible ethical concerns surrounding such a practice to determine if it is moral. The aim of this essay is to discuss whether disclosing personal and unique information of participants to researchers not directly involved in the study should be made mandatory. Sharing will be defined as restricted-data sharing, where other health

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