The Research Article Selected For This Critical Deconstruction

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The research article selected for this critical deconstruction is Managing urban parks for a racially and ethnically diverse clientele, by P.H. Gobster, published in 2002 by the journal Leisure Sciences. Chosen for both its relevance to the question of the greenspace needs and preferences associated with urban communities of increasing density and diversity, as well as its academic quality, it is intended that the analysis of the article informs the development of a future research proposal. In terms of relevant bibliometric data, the paper scores highly, validating its selection for the purposes of this essay. Since its publication the article has been cited 130 times placing it in the 97th percentile of documents compared to Social…show more content…
At the time, the park represented the city 's oldest, largest and most frequented park, affording recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities to over 20 million users annually. In the years leading up to the 1990 master planning effort, numbers of park clientele from urban racial and ethnic minority groups drastically increased. Meeting the needs of these users was considered important to the planning process and data pertaining to these groups was sought to help guide the master plan. Focusing exclusively on Black, Hispanic, and Asian park users, the research questions pertained to four topics of concern: use, activity participation, site preferences and perceptions of safety, and racial and ethnic minority issues and concerns. Regarding use, the study sought to understand the ways in which factors such as costs, transportation, and site facilities either encouraged or discouraged park use by minority users. The question of activity participation aimed to identify the preferred core activities common to all users, as well as any variations specific to particular groups. Site preferences and perceptions of safety were investigated to reveal how Lincoln Park was perceived both positively and negatively by different groups, with a particular on the conditions in which users felt unsafe. Finally, questions concerning racial and ethnic minority issues and concerns centred around inter- and

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