The Research Goal Moving Forward College Students

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As we executed our research throughout this process, our group quickly came to learn that our hypothesis in regards to Airbnb awareness was spot on when considering college students. Overall, Airbnb knowledge amongst college students is not nearly as high as it could and should be. As we dug further into our research, we came to realize that approximately half of the students that we collected data from had never heard of Airbnb. We quickly came to learn that, after learning about it, this group of individuals was very interested in the concept of Airbnb and wished that they had heard of the service earlier in their traveling careers. Since our research taught us that such a large chunk of college students are unaware of Airbnb but become interested in the service upon learning about it, it is our opinion that the best research goal moving forward would be to learn how to best inform college students about the services that Airbnb has to offer. We would like to achieve this research goal through further in-depth interviews with individuals who have never previously heard of Airbnb. We will also create two new surveys; one that will cater to individuals who have previously used Airbnb and another that will cater to individuals who have never heard of or utilized Airbnb. Through these methods of research, we will be able to achieve our overall goal of discovering how to expand the Airbnb market to college students. Further Data Collection Plans: 1. The first recommendation
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