The Research On Academic Performance

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Abstract The purpose was to determine what metacognition was and how it affects us. The two hypothesis of this paper were: uncertainty about academic performance is negatively related to the overall metacognitive awareness inventory (MAI) score and that the MAI factor Knowledge about cognition is more highly related to uncertainty about academic performance when compared to the MAI factor Regulation of cognition. Students in a first year undergraduate psychology class filled out surveys to determine their MAI scores and rated their uncertainty of academic performance on a scale from 0-100. The results for this experiment ended up supporting the hypothesis in that uncertainty was negatively related to the overall MAI score and the MAI factor knowledge of cognition was more highly related to uncertainty. This means that most of the participants tended to perform better when they were aware of metacognition. Introduction What is metacognition? The common definition is ones ability to reflect upon, understand, control one’s learning (Schraw & Dennison, 1994), refer to knowledge about cognition (Schraw, 2009) and recognize successful cognitive processing (Fleming, 2014). Metacognition can be broken down into two categories, knowledge about cognition and regulation of cognition (Schraw & Dennison, 1994). Metacognition can be measured in many different ways. A few measures that are used are absolute accuracy, relative accuracy, bias, scatter, and
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