The Research On Mechanism Of Radiation Resistance

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The research on mechanism of radiation resistance in cancer stem cells Abstract An increasing number of studies have suggested that tumor originates from the stem cells and is a kind of diseases of stem cells. Cancer stem cells (CSCs), only a small population of cancer cells, have the ability to proliferate infinitely and is the root of tumor metastasis and recurrence. Radiotherapy is an important treatment for malignant tumors, but the development of resistance to radiation often leads to treatment failure. Recent studies have shown that cancer stem cell is a class of radiation resistant cell group, and radiation resistance might be attributable to the presence of cancer stem cells. As a result, the function and meaning of cancer stem cells have received tremendous attention in radiotherapy. The special DNA damage repair ability of CSCs, the particular interdependence of CSCs and the microenvironment around them,the activation of DNA damage repair signaling pathways and so on are all the root causes of radiation resistance and tumor recurrence. The ascertainment of the relation of CSCs to radiosensitivity, the cause of radiation resistance and the related mechanism will offer new hope to cancer treatment. Key words cancer stem cells • radiation resistance • radiotherapy • The theory of cancer stem cells was not a new concept in recent decades, but put forward as early as 150 years ago [1]. CSCs are a small subset of tumor cells with the biological characteristics that
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