The Research Outcome Is Dependent On Careful Selection Of The Participants

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Following successful bracketing, the next step to the phenomenological method is to collect the data. The research outcome is dependent on careful selection of the participants for the research. In theory the more participants a research project has, the better the researchers understanding of the experience should be Likewise the demographics of the participants are also important to understanding the nature of the data (Bond, 2011). However, for my research I chose to select one person who immigrated to the United States from another country at least after the age of 18 and is willing to talk with me for at least a 45 minutes. I choose the age of 18 because I wanted the informant to have and overall view of their culture, from the beauty…show more content…
Upon describing the purpose of my study to three of them they all agreed. My next step was deciding to choose between the countries the pre-participants were from: Philippines, Jamaica, and Nigeria. In the end I decided to interview Ms. R from Jamaica who seemed more down to earth an in touch with reality. After telling Ms. R that it will be a pleasure to interview her, we agreed upon a location. As mentioned before, Ms. R is easy going and states that “it does not matter the place we do it and don’t care who shares my story”. However, I mention as not to get any distractions we can have the interview at either one of our house or a libraries’ quiet room. The final agreement was at house on a Saturday at around lunch time because she wanted me to “try some Jamaican food to get the full experience”. During this initial meeting Englander (2012), makes this the opportunity to establish trust with the participant, review ethical considerations and complete consent forms. During this initial meeting with the participant it is also useful to review the research question. This gives the participant time to dwell and ponder on the experience. By going about it in this way it can aid the researcher in getting a richer description during the interview without the researcher having to ask too many questions. The standard objection to this suggestion is that the interviewee will start to self-interpret the event and the
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