The Research Phase Of This English Essay Consisted Of Many

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The research phase of this English essay consisted of many hours of preparation in regards to finding a topic of interest that I could research and learn more about. Initially I decided that I was going to research on how Democracy has affected the economy in the United States throughout history, but quickly changed topics after realizing that there was little information on the topic at hand. After much thought, I finally found an interesting topic that would have been a little easier to research with an ample number of sources at the ready. The research question that I wanted to learn more about ended up being the ramifications of date rape, more in depth, the effects it has on the victims. I have had very little personal experience with…show more content…
I think that this topic dominated the field, because more information is known about the drugs used to commit date rape, than the repercussions on the actual victim. The main causes of date rape are drugs which come in different forms and have different names. “Drugs are used as sedatives to assist the date rape. Usually the drugs are mixed with the drinks. The main form of date rape drugs are alcohols, Gamma- hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Benzodiazepines like Rohypnol. These drugs make the victim unconscious or powerless to fight rape” (Cowling 13). There are many ways to prevent date rape; however, there are also ways to receive help if a victim falls victim to date rape. The majority of accounted rape is "date rape" in which the victim and the assailant are acquainted in some way. When forced sex occurs between two people who already know each other it is known as date rape and people who know less of one another is called acquaintance rape. Rape is an act of aggression and violence. Rape is never the victims fault; it is always the rapist fault. While doing this research, studies showed that sixty percent of date rape cases happened to girls that are in college. “Contrary to the belief of most of the people that rape is committed by total stranger, the highest incidence of sexual assault is reported from someone who knows the victim. The college students are the main victims of date rape” (Berger 120). Many campus parties are
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