The Research Process in Business

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BUSINESS RESEARCH PROCESS (300 WORDS) My first experience with the research process in business was in connection with working in a health and fitness club. The membership sales department was always trying to figure out ways to bring in more memberships and the department manager experimented with several different approaches. He measured the results of each approach by comparing the new membership signup rate of prospective members by counting how many visitors to the club eventually purchased memberships. First, he tried giving guests who visited the club a 3-day pass to use the facilities; second, he tried giving them 1-week passes; then, 2-week passes, and finally free 1-month passes. In addition to comparing their signup rates, he also collected some information in the initial free-pass signup process, such as whether or not the guests already engaged in physical fitness on a regular basis and whether or not they already owned memberships at any other health and fitness club. Based on that research design, he was able to determine the following information that helped him tailor the future guest promotions policy of the organization: The highest sign-up rate for people who already exercised but did not currently own a gym membership was the 1-month pass. The highest signup rate for people who already owned another gym membership was the 1-week pass. The highest signup rate for people who never exercised and did not already own a gym membership was the two-week
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