The Research Proposal By Green Et Al

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In the research proposal by Green et al. (2015), the researchers included four Southern Cross University students from the unit “Doing Social Research”. Further, the researchers conducted eight 15 minute interview that were audio recorded and transcribed. The qualitative research was based on a thematic analysis of the data collected (Bouma & Ling 2004; Braun & Clarke, 2006). The four researchers were digitally assigned an information sheet with an introduction and seven open-ended questions, although some researchers asked unscripted questions. Due to ethical factors, each interviewee was a voluntary participant and either a family member or a friend of the researcher (Bouma, G & Ling, R 2004). Participants were selected on the “basis of select criteria” (Bouma, G & Ling, R 2004) and the procedure is called, “accidental quota sampling” (p. 116). The criterion for interviewees included membership of the SNS Facebook and participant’s age was an independent variable. Each researcher selected one female and one male, of which one was 16-25 years and the other was 60 years and over. Participant’s consent for the interview was attained by a signed consent form approved by Dr Cathy Byrne (tutor). The interviewee’s responses are confidential, anonymous and transcripts are accessed by tutors (Bouma, G & Ling, R 2004, pp. 188-198). This focused research article is derived from the group research proposal by Green et al. (2015). Results Two major themes were identified:
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