The Resilience Of The Jewish People

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Delaney Moses PAP English II Mrs Connor April 17, 2015 Rough Draft “I marvel at the resilience of the Jewish people. Their best characteristic is their desire to remember. No other people has such an obsession with memory.” -Elie Wiesel. The Jewish people never want to forget what happened to their ancestors, what kind of jobs and tasks they were forced to do in their lifetimes. Jobs were a huge part of the Holocaust portion of World War II, only because there were not very many job opportunities available to much of anyone, especially the people of a Jewish religion. Jobs were limited for most people during the Holocaust. The Jewish people should have had more job freedoms than they did because they did not do anything wrong, the only thing the Nazi’s even remotely thought was wrong with them was their religion. Before the Jews got moved into labor camps, they were told of the jobs they could not have and the certain things they could not do. They were even “banned from working as veterinarians” (“Anti-Jewish Laws” 15). Most of them got a different job than they had when they entered the camp. For example, if a Jew was a watchmaker and got put in the camp, they could make them be a shoe repair man instead (Boyne 126). If a person was sent to a camp and looked like they were unable to work, that person was sent to their death (“Forced Labor” 10). The people that were sent to their death the most were the elderly and the young children that were barely able to walk, the
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