The Resistance And Control Of Jesus In The Second Temple Period

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When studying about Jesus, the Second Temple Period is important because it gives numerous events of being controlled by government authority and includes five eras of difficulty for the Jewish nation. With that being said, the Christian canon does not document the Second Temple Period as it relates to the description and political aspects of this era but it does give us detail as to the Jews expectations as it relates to messianic prophecies. As we know the Jews of the first century had denied, rejected and crucified the Messiah that they had so eagerly waited for. The Second Temple period helps to give perspective into why perhaps the Jewish people rejected the one true Messiah which was Jesus. This paper will give a general history of the Second Temple Period from the Persian period through the Roman period. This paper will also show that the resistance and control of the Maccabeans is what gave the Jews a false anticipation of what the true Messiah was to accomplish and do. The misconception of what the Messiah was to accomplish started during the Maccabean resistance and continued through the Pax- Roman period and was supported by prominent groups such as the Pharisees and Sadducees, which ultimately led to the true Messiah being crucified. God allowed this misconception to occur to set the plan in motion because it was essential for the salvation of humanity to be fulfilled, Christ the Messiah had to be sacrificed.
What was the Second Temple Period?
What was

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