Essay on The Resistance to Change

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Think back to the first day of any class one was allowed to choose the seating of their choice. The second day, everyone decides to sit in the same seating as the previous day. The third day comes along and as one walks into the class room, one notices that someone is sitting in their seat. The sensation of being thrown off balance takes over along with being uncomfortable for the remainder of the day. The following questions then arise: “why does this phenomenon occur?” Yukl states “Resistance to change is a common phenomenon for individuals and organizations (Yuki, 285).” Let’s now turn our attention at the case study that was presented by Almah J. Joseph “Dilemma at the Public Service Department.” Being placed into a high political…show more content…
Through his discovery of three letters, he begins to notice that there actually are some inconsistencies within the department and decided to take action. As a leader, there are responsibilities that should not be neglected. No matter how small the complaints are, as a leader, they are to take action and investigate the claim. If upper management does not take any action, then who will? In Alex’s case, he under planned the situation. In order to bring change in an organization, there has to be well thought out planning. He must consider asking questions such as: what is the trade-offs between his loyalty to the department as well as the governor, and the public interest? One must also look at the ethical perspective of if the is taking the right action or not. As the commissioner of the public service department, it is his responsibility to reassure that the public is receiving the most efficient, honest, fare service that could be provided through the department. It is also his responsibility to make sure there is no malpractice within the organization. If anyone is entitled to a right, than he needs to make sure that right is being provided. It is the ethical action to take. The way that Alex took action seemed to be under planned due to the lack of cognitive analysis on the situation. He decided to make a call to a trusted colleague who was

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