The Resolved Issue Of The Constitution Essay

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Elias Ramirez Dr. Shazia Ali, Dr. Mike Walker ENGL-1301 Composition I October 18, 2016 The resolved issue of the Constitution. Over the duration of conducting research the overlay of the essay will be describing the major benefit of the U.S Constitution. While several issues have been unresolved by the U.S Constitution such as the issues of the Articles of Confederation. The entire focus of the essay will describe the resolved issue that have been corrected in the constitution, while also describing some of the historical events that were caused the U.S constitution to change. The U.S constitution helped resolve issue and was a document that represent our nation as an independent nation after the revolutionary war. The U.S constitution was drafted in 1787. Which is still used by the U.S government that can be modified under a specific process. The U. S Constitution is a “fundamental system of, written and unwritten laws for the recently” (Constitution 2016, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia) independent United States at the time. However, the constitution was ratified with the acceptation of ten laws in which the government could “no law may conflict with the federal constitution.” (U.S. Constitution, Encyclopedia of American Law and Criminal Justice, Revised Edition) The process that takes place to change or add an amendment requires, the amendment to start with in the house of representative such as the senate or the congress. However only a total of twenty-seven
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