The Respondeat Superior Doctrine

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Under this doctrine, an employer may be found liable for negligent actions of employees if, at any time of the negligent action, the employee was acting in the course or scope of employment (Chamlin, 2012). If an accident occurred while one of the truck drivers was on the job, Zyedego could be held liable for damages and neglect; even if they did not know the driver was drinking and driving. When Gwyn hired the drivers with infractions, this was a big ethical risk. The drivers that had maintained at least five years of clean driving records could still create ethical risk, but not as severe as the drivers with the infractions.
Under Dana's circumstances, the company would be taking a lot of risk with her being pregnant and the working conditions being rough. The questions with Dana's citizenship is also an ethical risk for the company because the company could face civil fines and/or criminal prosecution for employing an undocumented worker, even if Dana had falsified her citizenship documents (Vestal, 2006). Where Gwyn has questions concerning the legal citizenship, this could indicate problems later if Gwyn does not check the validity of the documents. The best advice Peter could give Gwyn is to check out the validity of the documents first. If the documents are not legal, then Zyedego would have legal grounds for termination anyway. If the documents are legal, Zyedego would still…

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