The Respondent And The Appellant

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3.1 FACTS OF THE CASE The respondent and the appellant were both working in a private company; the respondent was the personal officer, married with two children. The intimacy between them started increasing in 1992; thereafter the appellant left her job and decided to live with the respondent. The appellant held the stance that they used to run a business and earn profit from it, though after a while the respondent the business to his family residence and took the help of his son in continuance of the business, thereby depriving the appellant of the right to work. Another contention made by the appellant was that she was forced to consume contraceptive pills and other such contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. The respondent also took a sum of 10,00,000 INR from the appellant in pursuance of the promise of buying her a land in her name, which was never done. The respondent promised her to setup a beauty parlor in her name which was also not done. A loan of 2,50,000 was also taken by the respondent from the appellant, which was not returned back. The appellant also contended that he never used to take her with him anywhere, in public places, for meeting the relatives, parties or vacations etc., he never used to accompany her to the hospital or even open a joint account. The wife and family of the respondent were against his relationship and it was contended that he deserted her without maintaining her. Appellant then referred Criminal Misc. Number . 692 of 2007 under
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