The Responsibilities And Boundaries Of Teachers

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I am a PGCE maths and numeracy specialist student at Newcastle College. My placement is in the school of civil engineering and construction at Newcastle College, where I am teaching GCSE maths and functional skill level 1 and 2. In this piece of work, I will describe and critically reflects on the responsibilities and boundaries in relation to the teaching role from my point of view, and I will also identify and critically evaluate the use of different assessment methods. The responsibilities and boundaries of teachers are centred within the following themes; Initial assessment, planning and preparing lessons, delivering and managing learning, supporting learning, and assessment. Initial assessment Assessing a student’s competence is one of the most important tasks faced by teachers. Initial assessment is designed to help teachers find out what students know already so as to provide them with the correct support that they will require. It involves carrying out initial assessments, accessing specialist support, identifying literacy and numeracy needs and additional support. Planning and preparing teaching sessions I am responsible for planning and preparing teaching sessions. In doing so, I should be able to identify the aims and objectives, prepare and select resources, select teaching method and activities and devise the scheme of work. To prepare and select resources, I must keep up with the changes in technology. I have noticed that we are not charged with the
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