The Responsibilities Of A Lifelong Learning Professional

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The responsibilities of a lifelong learning professional involve ‘doing a proper job’, according to this in my teaching practice, I have to treat my learners fairly with equal respect (equality and diversity), giving learners the opportunity to participate on equal terms and with an equal expectation of success (equality), involving and engaging all learners in relevant activities, acknowledging and celebrating the diversity in a group of learners (differentiation), planning to meet the needs and styles of individual learners (personalisation), keeping up to date with subject developments and being well prepared. (Reflective log, 2015) In my teaching practice I treat my learners fairy with equal respect by letting them have an access to attend and participate in their chosen learning experience. This will be regardless of age, ability, or/and circumstances, such as I make sure my teaching strategies and resources promote and include all learners in respect of nine protected characteristics (Equality act, 2010). Also I ensure I am non-judgemental, do not have favourite learners or give some more attention than others, ensure particular groups are not offended: for example faiths or religious etc. (Diversity). (Reflective log, 2015) As I mentioned already, my teaching practice is a community learning and learners who come to learn for many different reasons such as help with their daily process; to improve their maths and English skills to assist their children’s process at
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