The Responsibilities Of An American Citizen

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John F. Kennedy summarized the responsibilities if a citizen when he said that people should concern themselves with what they can do for their country rather than what the country can do for them. I am Italy and In Italy after two centuries in 2001 compulsory military service disappeared. Instead, the Italian Senate approved the establishment of professional military service where people choose to enlist and are paid for their services, similar to the US military. As in Italy and in America I see similarity on this argument. Today the key responsibilities of an American citizen is paying taxes and voting, some critics feel is not enough service for the country. The United States of America has been engaged in very many major wars since…show more content…
In the educational course we learned to defend ourselves and the people around us, how to behave in unexpected and threatening circumstances, and how to help people in situations of medical emergency. They also taught us about military law regulations and criminology. The Carabineri helped me to develop and improve my character. I faced a world unfamiliar to me before. I learned to coexist with many people of different backgrounds and nationalities. I learned to share and appreciate the uniqueness of each culture and personality. My military experience made me a stronger person and I would not have become what I am now without it. For all of these reasons I am grateful I had such experience.
The supporters of the compulsory military service believe that there is a huge disconnect between the general American population and the brave military men and women fighting and losing their lives to protect the country. The high standards of living in America further makes a certain percentage of the population too comfortable and to some extent either apathetic or ignorant of the plight of the soldiers that are killing and getting killed overseas. The proponents believe that mandatory conscription is the best way of ensuring that every American is aware of the implications if war as well as the plight of soldiers in a battlefield (Bardes, Shelley& Schmidt, 2014)….refrences…..
The involuntary signing will further make Americans critically think and have more consideration for
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