The Responsibilities Of Being A College Athletes

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The Responsibilities of Being a College Athletes As a college athlete you have so many rules to follow, but how do you know if you are breaking a rule? What if someone came up to you and said you had the opportunity to play at a professional level, what should you do? There are so many companies and pro teams that want the best athletes to be on their team or wanting the athlete to wear their gear. As a college athlete we all know that we cannot play for money; if we do we are considered as a professional and cannot play any college sports anymore. I am a first year college athlete, and when I first got to my school I knew there were rules, but one thing I did not know is how in depth they could get. Because of the rules if you do one little thing wrong you will no longer be able to play in college. This paper is going to tell you about the NCAA, and as an athlete some of the major academic levels an athlete must meet. This paper will also look into why athletes can not take any money or why athlete can not get sponsored by a business. On August 3rd, 1852, is when the first intercollegiate athletic event was held in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. This event was a crew race between Harvard and Yale athletes. The next sport to be held in intercollegiate sports was baseball in 1959; the two teams were Amherst and Williams. As time past there were other sports that were played at an intercollegiate level, but as football was getting bigger a lot of people got injured
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