The Responsibilities of Athletic Trainers

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Athletic trainers have a variety of responsibilities included in their job description. They provide clinical diagnosis, rehabilitation therapy, and emergency care (CITE). Athletic trainers are often confused with personal trainers, because most people associate both careers with athletes. However, athletic trainers work in the field of physical medicine unlike personal trainers. For the most part, athletic trainers must have people skills and an overall enjoyment of helping others. Since they treat a wide range of patients, athletic trainers must be able to relate to all types of people. They must have an expert knowledge of the human anatomy and also be able to think in a cause and effect manner when diagnosing injuries.

Career Opportunities
There are a lot of job opportunities available as an athletic trainer depending on the area of the field the individual wants to work in. Many athletic trainers want to work with sports teams at the high school, collegiate and professional level. Athletic trainers are a necessity in all sports, making their skill set a high demand. The employment projection for athletic trainers shows an increase in the next ten years of over 6% (CITE). There is not a strong regional difference in job opportunities for athletic trainers. Their skills are needed in every part of the country where athletic competition is taking place.

Salary Ranges Paragraph In the past three years, athletic training has risen in nearly every category (Lowe 2011).
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