The Responsibilities of Women in Islamic and Roman Societies

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To each society, there is its own set of rules. Many of these rules separate the women from the men or the children from the adults by creating certain duties for each individual. There are many comparisons between the women of Islamic and Roman societies. The roles that are given to these two groups of women show what is expected of them as a wife, the mother of the family, and where they stand politically. Islamic women are allowed to make decisions on their own when it comes to marriage. According to Islamic Law, a woman is granted the right to choose her husband and cannot be forced to marry anyone without their consent.(Braswell, p.155) As a wife, she must stand behind her husband at all times. If her husband does not …show more content…
96-98) The family role of the women in Roman societies is sum what similar to that of Islamic women. Roman women are also responsible for the duties of the household. But instead of the Roman women doing the jobs themselves, they had slaves to do the tasks for them. Her job was to oversee the slaves.(Esposito, April 2005) Islamic wife, the Roman wife was also in charge of the early education of their children. Another job of a wife was to have children. (Lewis, J., p. 56) In the past, Islamic women were not granted the right to vote or join in politics, but over the years the legal status of women in Islam has relaxed and changed. Muslim women in the Middle East have the right to vote, and may join in politics. Along with this, they are permitted to have vital government jobs. (Braswell, p.155) A woman 's status , however, is not as high as a man 's is in society. They still must follow many traditional customs. An example of one custom is that women are encouraged to do is dress modestly, by wearing veils in public. (Lippman, p.38) Although Muslim men and women are not looked upon as equals in every sense, there has been a lot of improvement and many changes have been made in the women 's favor.
Ancient Roman women were not given the same privileges as Islamic women. Women in ancient Rome were not allowed to hold office, supervise their own finances, or go out of the house
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