The Responsibilities of a Soldier

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The Responsibilities of a Soldier

As an opening I will be giving a short summary on the different responsibilities a soldier has and what I will be covering in this essay. The Army itself is a large responsibility that every soldier has. As I’m often told it’s the little stuff that really matter because all the little things amount to bigger things. Each and every soldier is responsible for their appearance, being on time, physical fitness and a good deal of other thing that form their responsibilities. It’s all these little things that help make up a good soldier. A single soldier can make a big impact on other soldiers around him. This impact can be for better or for worse depending on how the soldier presents himself. No one wants to
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The best sign of good discipline is a soldier's ability to maintain these standards without having to be told. Showing up to formation on time without being reminder a dozen times, always having a clean and serviceable uniform without a non commissioned officer having to tell you that the uniform is unserviceable, knowing to get a haircut before your hair is grown out of regulation. Doing the right thing without having to be harped on is a sign of good discipline. Discipline is the ability to do your job to standard no matter what else is going on. Non commissioned officers have to know that a soldier has enough discipline to follow orders when they are given with no questions asked.
The instilling of good discipline starts on day one of basic training. The drill sergeants establish dominance as soon as you get off the bus. This is the early stages of instilling discipline is knowing who is in charge and to respect that after the initial shock of the Drill Sergeants over bearing and dominance assertion then the standards are put out and enforced. Like the proper wear of the Army uniform, constant studying of the smart book to learn other standards. The proper way to make a bed and that it must be made at all times. How to address a non commissioned officer and officer properly. By the end of basic training the essential discipline required to survive and excel in today's military. That discipline is put to the test during the leave between basic training
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