The Responsibility And Job Of An Ra

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Reflection Paper
I interviewed two RA’s, and an RAC, who opened my eyes to a new view of what the responsibility and job of an RA truly consists of. I interviewed two RA’s who both currently live in Machuga. The first RA I interviewed is Osric Sears, a student whom I’ve never met before. It was an intriguing experience because I love meeting new people and he allowed me see the life of an RA from an inside point of view, not just someone speculating from the outside. During the interview, I questioned Mr. Sears about what revolved around the job and its incorporation school such as: “Why did you become an RA?” “Is the position as easy as you thought it would be?” “Does this job affect your schoolwork in any way?” “How many residents are you responsible for?” He answered each with great detail and clarified that becoming an RA is a valuable way to gain more experience working with different people and to be more open, the task of an RA is both effortless and adamant considering that it is what you make of it and all of your endeavors eventually pays off., The duty of an RA affects one’s school work only if you make it, and he takes care of the students in his hall. After I was done asking about the academic aspect of the job, I proceeded to the social aspect. I questioned if his job negatively affected his social life in any way, and he replied that not only did it not affect his social life negatively, but improved in abundance due to the fact that he was able to meet and…

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