The Responsibility Of Health Care For Our Patients As A Whole Body, Mind And Spirit

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I believe it is the responsibility of health care professionals to care for our patients as a whole - body, mind and spirit. The United States (U.S.) is becoming progressively more diverse. Nurses play a major role in health care and can be the key to decreasing and eliminating these disparities (Haynes, 2016). Therefore, it is important the approach to be culturally and spiritually sensitive. The place that I chose to observe was a waiting room in a hospital in Florida. As I looked around I could see patients that were from several different cultures (i.e., African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Indian, Arabic and Caucasian). The health care practices that I observed were family members being given information with the purpose of instructing them on the location of their loved ones while waiting. Staff was involved to facilitate that family member understood the information given to them. Even though I did not notice any non-traditional practices in the waiting room there were interpreters setting with family as long as needed. These interpreters were available if needed to commutation between families and for that were staff unfamiliar with any culture or spiritual needs. With the new age of electronics in most all cultures, there were an abundance of electrical outlets, including USB ports. These were accessible for family and friends to run their computers and charge their mobile devices to help keep family updated that were unavailable to attend. There were
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