The Responsibility Of The Teacher

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Prior to this class, it was my personal belief that the main responsibility of the teacher was to communicate subject matter, to the student, that existed outside a teacher’s formalized education; hence, the primary cause of learning was simply believed to be the information transference that occurred between the teacher and the student in the classroom. Based on this personal belief, responsibility for learning and using the information the teacher teaches, shifts away from the teacher, and rests solely on the student, therefore, the student is left to their own devices on what to do with the information to facilitate their own life change. Unfortunately, this personal line of thinking was greatly in error, thus, it is the teacher’s absolute responsibility to cause learning in the student (Wilkinson, 1992). The methodologies used by teachers to teach students are many; however, those methodologies are useless unless the teacher assumes personal responsibility and accountability to God and to the student first (Wilkinson, 1992). Therefore, learning responsibility and personal accountability as a teacher provided the greatest insight into what causes learning and life change in the student, both in and out of the classroom.

Expectations, everyone has them (Wilkinson, 1992), however, my personal view of expectations was always negative. Past experiences with expectations in academia typically centered on student deficiencies and past actions which, in effect, tore a…
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