The Responsibility Project Essay

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The Responsibility Project Ethical principles contribute and can be utilized to address the organizational issues. This paper will discuss the way ethical principles get used for addressing the issues. This paper includes the information of a short film which is retrieved from the Responsibility Project web site. The paper includes several discussions which are; why are the issues in film are important? What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics? How might these issues be relevant to organizational and personal decisions? What is the relationship between legal and ethical issues as shown in the film? Why Are the Issues in the Film Important? Good…show more content…
At a time there would be many stakeholders and most of the time their interests overlap. Stakeholders include employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. Enron for a general example created a series of off-the books partnership which were used to hide the Enron's massive amount of debt and increase its share prices. This attempt was made to attract new share investors and to maintain the present stakeholders (Trevino and Nelson, 2006). If the outside world would know the financial situation of Enron's condition, then he would have been gone very down so quickly. Enron was trying to get time to bring the business afloat. This is the one major example which reflects how external social pressure would force the organization to make such steps normally. If the more stakeholders are involved within the organization then, there would be more chance of having overlapping interests between stakeholders. Organizational and Personal Decisions There are many issues which can take place within an organization, internally and externally. There are some major issues which can force an organization to discard their ethical and legal responsibilities in an attempt to save their organization. There are times when organization considers these decisions as the best available option to make implemented till the time the organization don't understand how
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