The Responsibility Project: Greyston Bakery

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The Responsibility Project: Greyston Bakery "How good could one brownie be?" (The Responsibility Project 2012). Well in the case of Greyston Bakery, those brownies can serve the good of the community as well as our appetites. Essentially, Greyston Bakery has found a sustainable model that uses an ethical foundation to drive its organizational culture and social responsibility. The company gives back to the community it is located in, and offers people of that community better opportunities for employment that would undoubted improve the overall health of the community as a whole. As seen in the short film on The Responsibility Project's website, Greyston Bakery is an impressive company that is succeeding in both a business and ethical context. Baking its brownies has brought financial health to the company, as it has worked with major retailers like Ben & Jerry's for years. The Bakery then takes its business model and extends it to cover community development as well. According to the company, it is not just about money, it's about "what's going on behind the brownie. It's not just a great tasting brownie, but it's supporting a mission" (The Responsibility Project 2012). Here, the social mission and profit mission are intertwined. This aims at not only helping the community at hand, but also inspiring others to adopt similar models. It is a push to focus on a philosophy of "business for good and not evil" (The Responsibility Project 2012). In this, the company is making

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