The Responsibility of the Fast Food Industries for Obesity

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The rapid growth of obesity rates in the United States continues to affect Americans on a daily basis. Obesity caused by fast food industries remains to be a controversial issue, especially in America. The big debate about the continuous rise of obesity rates revolves around who is at fault. Do we blame the consumers or the fast food industries? Although fast food companies persuade us with cheap prices and convenience, we should be able to take full responsibility for our food choices and our health. Two highly respected authors, Radley Balko and David Zinczenko, argue about obesity and government involvement; however, they share different views on who should be held accountable for this recurring issue. Balko aims to convince his readers that personal health should be kept personal and that the government should not get involved. On the opposing side, Zinczenko suggests that the fast food companies are responsible for the increase of child obesity and diabetes. Between the two essays, I agree more with Radley Balko’s essay. Americans are dependent upon strict food policies and government intervention rather than taking responsibility for their own health. For example, both state and federal governments and school districts have taken control of food policies, random check-ups on fast food restaurants, and even the banning of bringing lunches from home. In order to live a long healthy life, it is our responsibility to take care of our bodies. On the other hand, many people

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