The Restoration Of The Library Gardens Complex

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The Library Gardens complex is an apartment complex located in an area of the San Francisco Bay amid a damp climate, meaning that it is a “highly corrosive environment because of the salt water coming off the bay, and the winds and the fog drive that salt water to the buildings and can cause earlier deterioration of the buildings” (Source 1), that combined with improper waterproofing could have led to extensive dry rot in a fairly new building. No destructive inspections were performed on the balconies of Library Gardens since construction, meaning that dry rot would have been undetectable to nondestructive inspections, which has in turn led to the deaths of six students in the Berkley Balcony Collapse. This is a case of gross negligence, and may even be a case of manslaughter, and “prosecutors could bring charges against Segue [Construction] but also subcontractors, the developer, property owner, management company, and city of Berkley”(Source 2). Experts in construction, property management, and construction law could have prevented this tragedy by taking the proper precautions, facilitating easier destructive inspections through standard setting, and increasing safety regulations. In the case of Segue Construction they have paid out many settlements over the years specifically concerning water infiltration in their balconies, calling into question their expertise and their reputation. This tragedy at Library Gardens was a consequence of improper safety precautions which

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