The Restriction On Workplace Genetic Testing

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As organizations attempt to become more efficient and effective in their management of personnel in the hiring, firing and promotional processes, many organizations have been looking to a variety of testing practices to help sort through the wide array of applicants in the most objective way possible. Many of these tests include, merit based tests, drug testing, polygraph testing, background checks, and personality/emotional intelligence testing. These tests have been used and proven not to have a disparate impact on Title XII classifications of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; however, if so, they were proven to be a Bonafide Occupational Qualification. With this justification, many organizations are increasingly implementing such tests. As…show more content…
Instead they have delegated the task of screening applicants for impersonal measurements” (Smith, 29). In many cases it can be perceived that employers are using these tests as successful indicators although invasive and inaccurate of a potential employee’s character and ability to perform. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to find the balance between successful implementation of pre-employment testing and the inaccuracy of such tests as it relates to future employees. This paper serves to determine the legal, moral, and ethical issues associated with the implementation of such tests. After identifying the key issues that are most pertinent to the implementation of these tests, the paper will present possible solutions to counteract these problems. They reflect the controlled use of any testing in the work place for human resource management processes. The solutions presented include: the understanding of personality diversity, the controlled implementation of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Evaluation for development, and the use of the information to create mixed teams for increased efficiency and creativity. These mixed teams use the issue of diversity for the benefit of the employer and employees for internal development and hiring purposes. If an organization is more likely to press for diversity in personality and emotional intelligence the less problematic this issue
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