The Result of Boeing 777 Project Case Study

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BOEING CASE STUDY Studied by: Abdul Qureshi Durgesh Patel Kunal Sanghvi Executive Summary: Boeing has changed in every way in the past couple of decades and it is now one of the most successful aircraft companies in the world. The company leads the industry with technology and innovation. In the long run, success was rewarding yet very hard to achieve. The multibillion dollar company faced many challenges as it matured throughout past few decades. Boeing has clearly gone through many strategic management and manufacturing challenges. Boeing is known for its large project management with its 777 jetliner. The company used the new philosophy of “Working Together” and management strategies like idea sharing, DBT and allowing…show more content…
Similarly, Airbus followed the same procedures to battle high development costs. Basically, subcontractors and airliner manufactures worked together to reduce risks. Producing jet engines was a very complex thing that was risky and costly so airliners bought them instead of making them. Airliners bought these jet engines from companies such as General Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt and Whitney. Jet engines were very costly and they required a lot of maintenance. In fact, jetliner planes with designed around jet engines. A “family concept” was introduced which was about creating a few models of aircrafts based around a basic model instead of a standard model. The aircraft industry was very technology advanced and it gained a lot of knowledge from advances in material applications and electronics. Computers were a major part of an aircrafts mechanism as most of the things were electronic and computerized. There are two parts in the history of Boeing. The piston are and the jet age. During the piston era, Boeing was a military aircraft company and manufactured military planes during the 1920 and 1930s. In the beginning of 1950s, Boeing had transformed into the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturer as it sold jetliners. Boeing’s first commercial jetliner was the 707 and it was introduced in 1958. This was a critical step for Boeing because it put Boeing on top of Douglas
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