The Results Of Neo Ffi

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The results of my NEO-FFI were what I expected since it was about me however it was interesting and still surprising to view the results. I believe in my current personal circumstances the results of my NEO-FFI scores are clear to me. One result I found particularly surprising and helpful to know was my score on agreeableness. I scored an average medium indicated that I can be “both agreeable and stubborn”. I found this confusing at first but it was clear after giving the statement full consideration it was understandable and surprisingly true. My NEO-FFI scores match closely with my Strong results. My Holland’s Code per the Strong is CRI: Conventional, Realistic and Investigative. I believe this score and the NEO-FFI intertwine together. I think the NEO-FFI results add a vast amount of self-knowledge that can and will help me in the future. I scored a 15 in the category of neuroticism. Per the Shivy handout a low test score indicates I am “more secure and relaxed than most others, even in times of stress” (Victoria A. Shivy). In the workplace a low score will affect me by “you can handle high-pressure or stressful workplaces better than other people. You may note even notice the “office politics” that wear on your co-workers. You are a person to whom others look for calm when stressful things happen, because you keep a cool head” (Victoria A. Shivy). This score is extremely true to my personality and how I handle work situations. I am interested to know if anyone else in
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