The Results Of Raising The Dropout Age

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The Results of Raising the Dropout Age

Obtaining an education is essential in today’s society. Most students who attend school on a regular basis usually succeed in life. On the other hand, many students fail to attend school every day which can lead to problems in schools. However, some students have acceptable reasons for dropping out. As a result, a student’s punctuality can ultimately alter his or her education. On that note, dropping out of high school can affect an individual in many ways throughout the years. Schools are facing challenges dealing with high dropout rates, high rates of truancy, and low graduation rates because students are failing to attend school.
To begin with, dropping out of high school has caused a negative uprise leading to high dropout rates. There are several effects of dropping out of school. Many students have difficult experiences during their early lives. High school dropouts are more likely to be from households where parents do not help their children with school. Some students feel there is disconnect between themselves, their parents, and their teacher; therefore, they end up dropping out of school. However, if parents and teachers communicate with students, there is a higher chance that the students will graduate and succeed. Many adults, who dropped out of school, regret dropping out. Since the dropped out of school, life is not so easy for them. Suh initiates that “the United States economy had become more “brain
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