The Results of My Testing Indicates That: Blood from Suspect Number

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Over the past few decades a small number of designers and design professionals have begun to realize their influence on the natural world and have decided to change the way they think of design and designing. This new approach has become known as sustainable design. Sustainable Design is a design philosophy that seeks to maximize the quality of the built environment, while minimizing or eliminating negative impact to the natural environment. In others words designing physical objects with the idea of creating under the principles of ecological sustainable compositions. This type of design is being having great advance and advertising during the last couple of years, therefore is becoming a new alternative in terms of designing and…show more content…
Design products for reuse and recycling. Make them easy to disassemble so that the parts can be reused to make new products. 5. Materials should come from nearby, sustainably managed renewable sources that can be composted when their usefulness is exhausted. Our dilemma is that we in the developing economies cannot afford to forego economic growth although the present economic growth causes environment damage. And irreparable environmental losses limit the prospect of future economic growth. What would be the solution to our dilemma? How can we achieve higher economic growth with environmental degradation? The answer to this could be found in the notion of sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs. Today the closest we have come to sustainability orthodoxy is the "cradle to cradle" solution pioneered by Michael braungart and William McDonough .According to their philosophy, we have to remaking the ways we make things. So our products need to be made fully recyclable so that, once they are discarded, each part can be turned back into itself again. All based on three simple principles:-waste equals food is a basic concept of organic waste materials becoming food for bugs, insects and other small forms of life who can feed on it, decompose it and return it to the natural environment which we then indirectly use for food ourselves .also we have to

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